Jiff the Pomeranian

Sure, greyhounds are fast. Whippets are speedy, too. But by one measure, a cuddly Pomeranian named Jiff has got them all beat.

Robin Williams and Koko the gorilla

Robin Williams could make anyone laugh — even a gorilla. In fact, the actor forged such a bond with one gorilla named Koko that she’s said to be mourning over the death of her pal.

Cassidy Stay and J.K. Rowling

Sometimes, even in the darkest moments, something magical can happen. Cassidy Stay, 15, was the sole survivor of the murder of her parents and four siblings in her family’s suburban Houston home on July 9. As part of her eulogy, Stay quoted from a “Harry Potter” novel. Many people took notice of Stay’s remarks that day — including “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling.

Blake Beckford

Blake Beckford had to have his colon removed — and he doesn’t care that you know about it. In fact, he wants you to know about it. The British body builder and model recently posed shirtless and displayed his ileostomy bag as prominently as his abs and pecs.

Tank the dog with Jack Doss

At just the right moment, a dog named Tank gave a boy named Jack the motivation he needed to get moving again.

Baby boy doll

For decades, baby dolls have been famous for their vagueness. Are they girl babies? Are they boy babies? Really, without their pink or blue outfits, who could say? Well, one doll on store shelves is leaving little to the imagination.

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Kids watching DisneyCollectorBR videos

The latest Internet craze is one you may be missing entirely — that is, unless you have a toddler. It’s a YouTube channel called “DisneyCollectorBR,” and its simple, toy-focused videos have been watched more than 2.5 billion times, surpassing Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”


A Florida family of avid treasure hunters is celebrating after finding gold chains, rings and a rare religious artifact at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Before and after photos of Alana the dog

Never underestimate the transformative power of a nice bath, a new hairstyle, a professional photo shoot and a good belly rub. Shelter dogs across the United States are showing off their confidence and good looks thanks to an effort to give them makeovers and lots of TLC.

Sierra Sandison

With a few bold steps across a stage, Miss Idaho 2014 has pumped up people with Type 1 diabetes everywhere. Sierra Sandison, a diabetic, opted to wear her insulin pump conspicuously attached to her bikini bottom during the Miss Idaho pageant’s swimsuit competition.

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