Before and after photos of Alana the dog

Never underestimate the transformative power of a nice bath, a new hairstyle, a professional photo shoot and a good belly rub. Shelter dogs across the United States are showing off their confidence and good looks thanks to an effort to give them makeovers and lots of TLC.

Sierra Sandison

With a few bold steps across a stage, Miss Idaho 2014 has pumped up people with Type 1 diabetes everywhere. Sierra Sandison, a diabetic, opted to wear her insulin pump conspicuously attached to her bikini bottom during the Miss Idaho pageant’s swimsuit competition.

Kay Glynn

Senior citizens? Retirees? Elders? Oh, no-no-no. Here’s a better label for these folks: fierce athletes. Meet 15 of the more than 11,000 expected participants in the National Senior Games, also known as the “Senior Olympics,” due to kick off in Minnesota one year from now in July 2015.

Gabrielle Giffords throwing out first pitch

Once again, Gabrielle Giffords has shown that she’s in a league of her own. On Wednesday night, the former congresswoman threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

Richard Dunn

He was all alone. He had several hours to kill in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. And that’s when comedic inspiration hit.

Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown, a 26-year-old Waffle House waitress and a single mom, had to hold back from screaming with joy when a Good Samaritan left her a $1,000 tip on Mother’s Day. Then, in the weeks that followed, she had to hold back from screaming in frustration when Waffle House wouldn’t let her keep the money because of the restaurant chain’s policy about large tips.

Lionheart students with puppies

For many children with autism, social interactions with strangers can be awkward and anxiety-inducing. But if the stranger is a gentle golden retriever puppy with huge paws and a quiet snore, something remarkable happens.

Susan Spencer-Wendel with son Aubrey and dog LennySusan Spencer-Wendel, the Florida writer who focused on living with joy and relishing adventures with her family and friends while battling ALS, died early Wednesday morning at her West Palm Beach home.

Bret and Amy Baier and their newborn son, Paul

Nearly seven years ago, Fox News anchor Bret Baier and his wife, Amy, were in a state of bliss. Amy had just given birth to their first son, Paul, and for that first day in the hospital, everything was perfect. But 24 hours later, everything changed. After tests, the Baiers learned that their baby had five congenital heart defects.

Retired U.S. Army Capt. James Van Thach and dog, Liz

When U.S. Army Capt. James Van Thach returned home from Iraq in late 2008, he began to worry that the darkness might not ever lift. It wasn’t until a calm, loyal friend named Liz entered his life that Thach could step back into the light again. Liz is a highly trained service dog, and she only has eyes for Thach.

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